There are three documents in place at QA Courier:

The Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

The Office Code of Conduct

The Broker Code of Conduct


Ethical principles of business conduct and their practice help QA maintain good standing in the global community. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is written to ensure directors, officers and employees of QA understand the importance we place on ethical conduct and recognize that it forms an important part of who we are as individuals and as a company. Similarly, it helps our shareholders, customers, suppliers and competitors know what to expect from the Company. Finally, it is meant to help Employees recognize and deal with ethical dilemmas they may encounter.

Our office employees follow a code of conduct that promotes Teamwork, Courtesy & Responsiveness, and Professionalism.

Our drivers, bikers, and walkers also follow a very strict code of professional conduct that covers all aspects of their work. It contains over 40 points. Here is an excerpt:



Common courtesy is the rule, always be polite and never argue with or lie to a client.

  • Never use any derogatory, course or vulgar language on the job.
  • Turn down your radio while you are within hearing range of a client.
  • Let the dispatcher know when you are within hearing range of a client.
  • Get in and out as fast as possible making sure you pick up the right packages.
  • Always check the address label and order number on a package before leaving a client site.
  • Do not idle at any customer’s premises or QA’s offices.
  • All packages picked-up or being delivered should be considered private and confidential and should not be opened, shared, copied, or shown to anyone.
  • If the piece being picked up is too difficult to handle (i.e. a biker finds boxes), politely advise the client that another driver will handle the call, leave and immediately call the dispatcher.
  • Sometimes we get wrong information, sometimes the office or dispatcher makes a mistake, once in awhile so will you, even clients make mistakes, no matter who’s at fault, the goal for everyone is to fix it in a swift, calm and professional manner.

Ready To Work With A Quality Team?

Using our code of conduct and professionalism, we ensure your business will be in capable hands.